About Me

What am I passionate about? "Learning and doing!"

NASA wearable bluetooth CO2 sensor on 	

NASA Wearable Bluetooth CO2 Sensor

Launched March, 2017 to the ISS
Welcome to the Rocket Club!

Grand Canyon


First attempt at HDR (Grand Canyon)

Tamiya Nissan 350Z


Tamiya Nissan 350Z

Feature Projects

  • Cresent Eye

    IoT LED art piece that is a mirror, art, and a sensor data display.

  • Burning Man
    'The Man' LED PCB

    Gift for burners for 2016!
    Who is ready for some Charlieplexing!?

  • Fire Spinning

    Rope dart, Burning my pony tail consistently every month

  • Temp Control PCB

    New PCB coming soon with PC interaction.

  • USB Charge Timer

    Secret for now...

  • ...

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